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James Wyatt39s daughter as Jester DnDCritical Role t
Danielle🦄 on | Critical Role Fanart | Pinterest | Cosplay and Critical role fan art
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Jester and Fjord. After the nightmare. Critical Role. Campaign 2, Episode 3 (?).
Today we have #Jester as The Sun, bringing fun, warmth, and positivity @LauraBaileyVO @CriticalRole #CR2tarot #criticalrolefanart”
“I wanted to get this done before ep3, but better late than never! I loved the way this line was said so much! I just love Jester so much, she's so cuuuute!
meglm: “Laura can finally lift her husband! ” | Critical Role/Geek and Sundry | Pinterest | Dragons, Fandom and Fanart
Em❄ ✨ on Twitter: "Some little Jesters Surprising literally nobody, I love her with all my heart #CriticalRole #criticalrolefanart… "
sephiramy: “I can't believe I forgot to post this up here last night, but how 'bout that new Critical Role, huh? 😍 You know I can't resist a girl who loves ...
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Irma 'Aimo' Ahmed on Twitter: "Sleight of Hand roll: FAIL #CriticalRole #criticalrolefanart #Jester #Nott #art… "
Mollymauk & Jester from Critical Role - Imgur
Jester - Critical Role by Elderscroller ...
Find this Pin and more on Critical Role by Lyndall.
Johanna T [OPEN COMMISSIONS] on Twitter: "**CR EPISODE 15 SPOILERS AHEAD, LOOK OUT** And the Oskar goes to... Laura and Travis, for creating my favorite ...
ArtStation - study~, Void Mushroom
Sedona on Twitter: "Jester has some fun with Caleb. #CriticalRole #criticalrolefanart… "
Leek_Whibble on Twitter: "I quite enjoyed this moment x) (dialogue is my own, not direct quotes) #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleArt @Marisha_Ray… "
Here's @Tabletop_Megan as Jester with @WillingBlam as Fjord! Original included as well as 'Tusk Love' cover version! I love this fandom so much, ...
“Episode 8 was. something so here's a lil Jester moment
Dexterity Check: Critical Role Fan Gallery IV | Geek and Sundry | Lloyd Hoshide,of Vax fleeing the Briarwoods
Critical Role's resident detectives Jester and Nott are ready to solve any strange mystery in the village!
Critical Role - Gilmore's Glorious Goods T-Shirt
Lina on Twitter: "Some ballpoint pen sketches of Nott and Jester from #CriticalRole
Critical Role Recap: C2E1 - "Curious Beginnings" - Project Derailed
“Nott is just a uh, just a little goblin girl.
“I grab his bicep-” god me too caleb
Superhero Bits: Dark Knight Rises, Community, Deadpool, Amazing Spider-Man – Page 2 of 2 – /Film
Critical Role Campaign 2, Critical Role Fan Art, Vox Machina, Voice Actor, Role Play, Dungeons And Dragons, Nerdy Things, Fanart, Geek Stuff, Geek Things, ...
Percy | Gunslinger | Critical Role | Vox Machina
Critical Role Scanlan's Distraction by Takayuuki on DeviantArt
[No Spoilers] Jester by Me! : criticalrole
Jester getting the safe, episode 13 (@Takayuuki_art). The Mighty Nein. Critical Role.
Image result for critical role pelor door
Illustration of the moment Scanlan leaves Vox Machina to be just himself for a while, and to connect with his daughter (not pictured).
Critical Role is Geek & Sundry's live Dungeons & Dragons show, featuring Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and his troupe of fellow voice actors.
Nott disguising herself as Fjord in his full outfit for the bath was hilarious.
"Why are you afraid of fire?" #CriticalRole #criticalrolefanartpic.twitter.
Jess Taylor @ WorcCC on
David Rodrigues (@3rdclover) | Twitter
Welcome to the Mighty Nien
I seriously cannot get enough of this little goblin girl I simply cannot. Critical Role (c) Geek&a. DnD Critical Role: Nott the Brave
Voice Actor, Vox Machina, Jenga, Dungeons And Dragons, Geek Stuff, Geek Things
Mollymauk offering up his fruit, episode 18. The Mighty Nein. Critical Role.
Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Spellcraft and Artistic Wizardry
The Dawnfather, Pelor | Critical Role
ArtStation - Caleb and Nott, Seth Lange
Too accurate for words | Critical Role | Vox Machina
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Bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors playing DnD.
https://i.imgur.com/QI4WWtH.jpg | Critical Role | Pinterest | Critical role fan art, Skyrim and Universe
mindlesslyred - Vex
... forms of Jester and Fjord in chains and freed them. Together, they returned to Shady Creek Run to relax and recover, a blood-stained chapter in their ...
Nadja @firlachiel Oct 29 Vex and Keyleth on their way to Kashaw :3 #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart #Critters
Abi on Twitter: "Tusk Love Fjord is @mrjaycosplay @LauraBaileyVO @WillingBlam @CriticalRole… "
Heroes sometimes die. Sorry!
Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – The Season of the Fall
Critical Role Source!
A killer Jester moment from the first episode of Critical Role! Critical Role - Thaumaturgy Page 2
Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Sewing With the Threads of Fate
Scanlan's journey
I would watch a whole ep of these 3 just out in the world trying to
Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – A Season For Change
Grog's victory in the Crucible
(Now under new management and definitely vampire-free - just don't ask about the tiny spinning death orb). Take home a Tshirt sporting the iconic Sun Tree ...
Laura and Trinket
Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Spellcraft and Artistic Wizardry
Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: VALENTINE'S EDITION | Geek and Sundry
Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Paint Your Way Into An Adventure
Critical Role doodles from last night! #sketches #doodles #CriticalRole #dnd
Critical Role - Logo T-Shirt
Fjord as played by Travis on Critical Role
Vex'ahlia | Critical Role | Vox Machina
felinetrickster: “ More Critical Role fanart featuring Scanlan and his wonderful hats ”
ArtStation - Critical Role stuff, Lloyd Hoshide
don't let your memes be dreams · 》
Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Thank you, Everyone!
Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: Last Looks…
Jester and Mollymauk say hello!
I don't see him as a very formidable person. I just hope he · 》
Critical Role
Zadash, map given to players in episode 16. The Mighty Nein. Critical Role.
Art by Julia Corsi (@Bioswear)
Critical Role. Campaign 2, Episode 5.
Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – The Journey Continues
Vox Machina, Skyrim, Fanart, Boss, Fan Art
some art inspired by Hold My Heart by Lindsey Sterling (ft ZZ Ward).
when is Doc Ripley coming back with a crazy prosthetic hand.
Shalizeh7 Credit to artist | Amazing fan art of Percy and Vex | Critical Role
I don't do formal.
Critical Role - Leave It Behind - Print - Scanlan Quote Hand Lettered Typography Dungeons and Dragon
Waste and Webs
Caroline Johnson hours ago More Rebirth
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Giant Critical Role doodle that started out as just the middle Vax doodle and then it escalated into this. And yes I know there is double Vax in this, ...
Still laughing!